‘Water crisis’ has become a house-hold term these days with more and more cities on the brink of a water doomsday. There are only two ways to make clean water available: one is to conserve it, and the other is to reuse it. The latter is where we step in.


Prefabricated waste treatment unit: simple and quick underground installation.

Fully automated: self-functioning unit that requires no manual intervention.

Uses hybrid technology: produces minimum amount of foul gases.

Recycles black water: safe for non-potable use such as washing, flushing, cooling, horticulture, etc.

Runs on solar energy: no grid connection needed.

Zero operational costs.


BOD < 10mg/l

COD < 100mg/l

TSS < 20mg/l

Coliforms < 10MPN

Rejuvenation of water bodies

We are working to clean polluted rivers and lakes, and to make them conducive to aquatic flora and fauna. This will not only help the ecosystem, but also help tourism and livelihood of the people supported by these water bodies. We aim for long term and permanent solutions with this effective methodology:

Baseline survey:  finding parameters to define the actual problems.

Custom proposal: solutions are designed based on each survey.

Sustainable:  automated , energy efficient, and low cost solutions.

Cleaning the waste stream in Bhowali town, Nainital:

Bhowali, a small town in Naintal district, does not have a sewer infrastructure. The result being, sewage is discharged directly into the nearby Shipra river which ultimately ends up in River Ganga.

We are designing a small, innovative waste treatment setup on the junction where the waste stream enters Shipra. Low on maintenance and low on energy consumption, this treatment plant would reduce the biological oxygen demand of waste water to less then 10 mg/L, reducing nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations and eliminating pathogens, thereby making sewage reusable.

Rejuvenation of Tiliyar lake in Rohtak, Haryana:

This lake is highly eutrophic meaning it has a lot of algal growth on its surface. The algal growth has reduced the aquatic flora and fauna and has also affected tourism.

Working with Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research, Bhimtal we are working on the revival of Tilyar lake. Aerators would be installed throughout the lake to increase the dissolved oxygen concentrations and algae eating fishes would be bred in the water. All these interventions would decrease algal growth, making water clean and transparent and increasing the aesthetics of the area.

Cleaning of Shyam Kund and Radha Kund in Goverdhan, Mathura

Radha Kund is a famous pilgrim place near Mathura, considered most supreme of all the religious places for Vaishnav Hindus. Millions of devotees travel to Radha Kund and nearby Shyam Kund for holy baths.

The stagnant water of the kund is highly contaminated with an enormous BOD, COD and Total Nitrogen levels. We are working on cleaning of the kund through a low cost, low energy waste treatment setup, on the banks of the kund, that can render the water colorless, odour free and without any pathogens making it hygienic, healthy and safe for devotees.